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Adam Brozowski and Máté Csike started their dance partnership in 2017 and were an immediate hit. Bringing a unique style and Queer voice to a traditional hetero-centric danceform, Adam and Máté have since worked diligently on and off the dance floor to create space and visibility for LGBTQAI+ people in Lindy Hop and Swing Dance. Adam and Máté’s style is musical, adventurous and always humorous. Their classes are music focused and deconstruct the traditional power dynamic of lead and follow, looking to create an even more fluid type of conversational social dance. Their unique approach comes from Adam and Máté’s Queer perspective on partner dance and is something they are both very passionate about.

Adam has presented lectures about LGBTQAI+ people’s influence in the Harlem Renaissance and Lindy Hop as well as leading discussions about inclusivity and history around Queer+ spaces.

Máté brings a unique background as an active member of Hungary’s Voguing and Ballroom Communities. Together they create an unstoppable force on the floor and embody both history and modern innovation in Lindy Hop.