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Code of conduct

In order to provide the best possible environment at this workshop and the surrounding events and to enable the participants, team members and artists to have a positive experience, the principles listed below apply throughout the entire weekend.

If a participant does not respect or violates these principles, the organizing team may exclude the person from the event without any refund of fees.


  1. Under no circumstances whatsoever is discriminating, harrassing or violent behaviour – carried out personally or online – tolerated (e.g. regarding sex, gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, physical appearance, physical or other disabilities).
  2. Filming, taking photos or online posting about a person without asking will also be perceived as harassment as well as any form of sexualized / violent speech (also in written form) or physical assault.
  3. On the dancefloors in class and at the dances, it is essential to move in a way that nobody gets hurt. Please be aware of your neighbors, apologize if something happens and make sure everybody involved is okay.
  4. For safety purposes, please avoid doing Air Steps on the dancefloors if there is not A LOT of space around you. Exceptions are made for such steps included in a previously announced performance which the organizing team was informed about beforehand or a Jam Circle.
  5. All participants are required to respect general hygiene rules (extreme odors or residues of sweat, perfume or deodorant can be very unpleasant, washing your hands regularly goes without saying).
  6. If you have symptoms like a running nose or a cough, please do yourself and your fellow dancers the favour and stay at home!


If you experience or witness any form of the above mentioned behavior, please contact a member of the organizing team immediately or write to us at balboa@swingoutinnsbruck.at!